Holiday Market at Columbus Circle


Columbus Circle is built in 1905 and as part of Central Park. It is the southwestern entrance to the park and New York City’s media and entertainment center. During the holiday season, a cute market is set up here, and it looks like a delicate little town inside a magnificent big city. Shopping in the big malls is dazzling to the eyes, while wandering through small markets is warming to the hearts.

Columbus Circle Holiday Market


King Manor Museum


King Manor

Jamaica is a busy area in Queens County of New York City, but there is a quiet green space nearby the transit center, where people rush in and out of the station. Rufus King Park, once the home of Rufus King, a signer of the United States Constitution, a Senator from New York, and Ambassador to Great Britain. King’s house is now a museum inside the park. Come here to learn about history, rest, meditate and simply enjoy the space.



A huge button at the intersection of 39th Street and 7th Avenue in Manhattan marks the center of New York City’s “Garment District.” It rests on a tourist center that provides information about the surrounding area. I love seeing the button as a lovers’ statue, because button and needle depend on each other but never hurt each other.

Garment District of NYC