Space Intermingled



I love the reflecting pool of the Christian Science Plaza and the Mapparium in the Mary Baker Eddy Library. When I walked out of the globe, I had such an interesting feeling. It seemed like the globe actually unfolded to an open space. We see how inside and outside are intermingled and they are all one. It’s quite a meditation just rambling on the ground.

Empire Builder Experience


During my first train trip, I saw the most amazing scenery on the railroad. From Chicago to Seattle, we passed seven states. There was sun, snow, mountains, plains, rivers, lakes, The view kept changing, but my mind became silent. It was a truly unique experience.

002 Michigan Lake

Michican Lake, Chicago

009 ranch


008 frozen lake

frozen lake

011 Columbia River

Columbia River

012 Kerry Park

Kerry Park, Seattle

Nijinsky’s Tomb



In Montmartre Cemetery, one can find fantastic works of art. The tomb of Russian ballet dancer Vaslav Nijinsky (1890-1950)is so beautiful that I found it hard to leave. I kept looking and looking until I forgot where I was.

It is a perfect stage. Sculptor Serge Lifar sculpted Nijinsky as “Petrushka,” the lovesick puppet in Igor Stravinsky’s ballet. The sculpture is so vivid, as if frozen in lovesickness.

In the story, Petrushka is killed by another puppet, but the Petrushka in Montmartre is eternal. Nijinsky suffered from schizophrenia during his lifetime, but here, his eyes are forever bright.

Cemetery is a border of two worlds and a gateway to eternity. It is a place for reflection, meditation, and appreciation.