Accordion Museum in NYC



This little Accordion Museum is a hidden secret in New York City. I found it searching for a bandoneon, which I hoped to play some day.

Alex & Bell Accordions is an accordion store; they also sell guitars and provide repair services.

This small museum is open to public by appointment and has a collection of various types of old accordions; some are antiques and some are for sale.

The museum collection includes piano accordions, bandoneon, and other types of accordions. The staff was friendly to demonstrate and explain how each one works.


Bandoneon is the main instrument for tango band. Its name came from the German inventor Heinrich Band (1821-1860 ). Just like tango, it was brought by foreigners to Buenos Aires.

Bandneon doesn’t have piano style keyboard and relies on the buttons on both sides of the bellows to play melody.

The accordion is very convenient instrument for both solo and accompaniment. You cam play a single melody or chords. Being surround by accordions, I felt like angels were singing all around.