Holiday Market at Columbus Circle


Columbus Circle is built in 1905 and as part of Central Park. It is the southwestern entrance to the park and New York City’s media and entertainment center. During the holiday season, a cute market is set up here, and it looks like a delicate little town inside a magnificent big city. Shopping in the big malls is dazzling to the eyes, while wandering through small markets is warming to the hearts.

Columbus Circle Holiday Market



There are many ways to enjoy New York City, one of which is to look up. New York has many beautiful historic buildings, but it is easy to miss them while shuffling through shops and restaurants, going in and out of the subway station. We could bury ourselves among the busy traffic and confused crowd, or look up and find unexpected treasures extending up to the sky.

look up

Amazing Spiral Staircase of Loretto Chapel


In the center of Santa Fe, New Mexico, there is a small chapel with a big miracle. Loretto Chapel was completed in 1878, without access to the choir loft. According to legend, after the sister of the chapel made a prayer to the patron saint of carpenters, St. Joseph, a mysterious carpenter came with a solution and built a spiral staircase with the simplest tools he had, and without nails. And after the staircase was completed, he disappeared without taking any reward. The staircase has two 360-degree turn and is still standing. Was the carpenter St. Joseph himself?

Museum of Seashells


The Museum of Seashells (贝壳博物馆) is a museum located in Cijin (旗津) District of Kaohsiung City (高雄), Taiwan. The museum is not well known, but the area around it is famous for seafood and beach.