Museum of Seashells


The Museum of Seashells (贝壳博物馆) is a museum located in Cijin (旗津) District of Kaohsiung City (高雄), Taiwan. The museum is not well known, but the area around it is famous for seafood and beach.

By the Riverside


Every great city has a river. New York has more than one, but Hudson River always comes first. I love spending time in the Riverside Park or any of the waterfront boardwalks. It is a nice place to take a walk, meet a good friend, and see the sunset.

Riverside Park

Klezmer Brunch


It was a wonderful way to spend Sunday. I went for Klezmer Brunch at City Winery and not only had delicous food, but also heard amazing Klezmer music performed by the Metropolitan Klezmer.

City Winery  城市酒廠外觀 大都會克萊茲梅爾樂隊

Brooklyn Waterfront Museum


Waterfront Museum

This old barge is one of a kind. It is a museum which takes you back to the times when New York City still depended on waterways for transportation. The surrounding area is pretty and offers great view of Statue of Liberty.