Museum in a Mausoleum


Emanuel Vigeland, the less famous yet no less talented brother of the great Norwegian sculptor Gustav Vigeland, turned his museum into his own mausoleum. It is one-of-a-kind experience walking inside this tomb and look at his paintings on the wall with the help of only candle light. It is in a quiet neighborhood of Oslo.


Autumn Hike at Bannerman’s Island


Bannerman’s Island on Hudson River is only accessible by boat. You’ll have to walk the island, but the tranquility is worth it. Autumn is a lovely season to visit this place. The castle has become a symbol of the island, but I prefer the plants and vegetation that belong to the natural world.


Giving the Fish a Friendly Help


When I visited Providence last time, I made sure to stop by the Rising Sun Fish Ladder. The fish that go to the ocean to grow up then remember their way back to the river where they were born amaze me so much that I have always wanted to see how humans make up to them by building fish ladders at places where they destroyed the fish’s habitat. The trip was a pilgrimage of some sort.


sunrise mill fish ladder

Mystic: A maritime village


Mystic, Connecticut is only 2.5 hours away from New York City. It’s a great getaway from the busy city life and makes a good one-day or overnight destination The Mystic Seaport outdoor museum is big enough to hang out for an entire day, and the Mystic Aquarium is a fun spot for the family. Also, the Olde Mistick Village next to the aquarium has some neat shops and is pleasant to walk around.