Foliage on the Adirondack train and Westport


The Adirondacks region is one of the most beautiful in New York State. By early October, foliage is visible. Riding north on the Amtrak Adirondack line is a good way to see the foliage. The train goes to Montreal and during the fall month a “dome car” is attached to the train for foliage viewing.

dome car

Westport, about 6 hours from New York City on the Adirondack line, is inside the Adirondacks and offers a number of sightseeing opportunities, or if you prefer, a place to do nothing and enjoy yourself in nature.

Camp Dudley Road Historic District
Camp Dudley

Ballard Park
Ballard Park

There is a hotel next to the train station, and few others within walking distance, making it very convenient for backpacking.

Westport Hotel

The Westport train station is home to Depot Theatre. It’s pretty and there is a box office and a gallery inside.

Depot Theater

depot theater inside


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