World of Buttons



This shop in Upper East Side of Manhattan is like a museum of buttons. You can find any kind of button here.

Our world is full of buttons big and small. We find them on clothes, purses, duvet covers, and even on some shoes.

Perhaps buttons are too widespread and abundant, so even though we rely on them all the time, we rarely pay attention to them. Only when we have lost them do we find them extremely important. Pants become loose, purses don’t close tight, duvet covers don’t hold together any more…then we realize that somewhere there is a small button supporting our lives.

The production of buttons is very interesting. There is a whole array of raw material and designs. Buttons are wonderful to look at. The details on them reflect the lifestyles and values of those times in which they were born in.

When the society is obsessed with the idea that “bigger is better,” some people still work on the small things, care, collect, and appreciate them.

The most miraculous is present in the most ordinary. We are fascinated by the ordinary because we are all part of the miracle that is life on earth.




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