Meditate through music.


You can meditate through music. You can use any music for meditation as long as it works for you. Although one is more likely to settle into stillness with quiet classical music than loud rock music.


Either instrumental music or vocal music would do, but for vocal music, it is preferable if it is performed in a language that you don’t understand. When you listen to a foreign song, try not to figure out the lyrics. Let it be, let it touch you through sound. Feel it, rather than understand it. Listen with your whole body.


Even if you listen to rock music, you don’t have to become excited or agitated. You can practice letting the music flow through you and become a space for all the sound. When you listen to orchestral work, you may find yourself becoming the concert hall in which the performance take place.


When you meditate through music, beware that musical notation is only part of music. Music is not complete until it is executed and when you listen, you are part of that execution because without listener the performance basically doesn’t exist. Therefore, the meditative quality of a musical work is largely determined by the performer. Performer transmits his or her presence to you. So it is important to find a performer that is still and serene inside, even if you know the musical work you would like to hear.


Here are two pianists worth noting: Glenn Gould and Mitsuko Uchida. When they play, they are not just musicians but carry the entire spirit of music and are able to transmit the formless jewel that the composer had conceived when they wrote the music. Glenn Gould is specialized in Bach, and Mitsuko Uchida is an expert on Mozart. They are both very serene players. Every note seems to carry an energy that could help bring the listener to a state of inner focus and calm attention.


Meditating through music is very healing. It is like having a friend beside you. Although it seems like you are listening to the music, actually the music is listening to you as well. Good music is like a reflection of your heart, and as you get deeper into the meditation, you feel one with the musician and the music, as if nothing is separate from each other.


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