When I was twelve, I saw a girl from my school playing the Minuet from Bizet’s L’Arlesienne Suites. She was wearing a white dress and looked like an angel, surrounded by the music coming out from her flute.

Over the years, I have been wondering what really touched me. Bizet, that girl, or the flute? Since that day, whenever I heard the sound of flute, I would think of her. Whenever I saw a flutist, I would fall into a daze. I chose flute as my instrument in the high school band, and I was hopelessly in love with Alersienne.

Later, as I found the same resonance as I saw other flutists playing the same song, I gradually broke the link between Bizet’s music and that girl. As I heard more musical works and found the same excitement in my heart that I had felt when I was twelve, I began to separate flute from Alersienne. Still later, after I had experienced the inspiring quality of various musical instruments and natural voices, I finally understood that, what shook my heart had nothing to do with flute.

I no longer miss the white-dressed girl that was playing the Minuet, and I am no longer attached to that song, but the gratitude that once filled my heart has never disappeared. Flute is just a medium, music is just a form, the universe itself is full of wonders, and Bizet must have been touched by all this. What made Bizet wrote such beautiful music, is the same appreciation that I felt through the flutist’s rendering of his Minuet.


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