A True Wealthy Man


There are many rich people, but very few wealthy men, because wealth is a grace, not determined by the ownership of money.

One day I ordered a small cup of coffee at a café, and bought three biscuits to enjoy with the coffee. The coffee didn’t come for a long time, and I got too hungry, so I ate all the biscuits without the coffee. Finally, when the coffee was ready, I had nothing to eat any more. The manager apologized, and gave me a medium-size coffee instead of small, without extra charge.

“I’ve already eaten all my biscuits.” I said, and sat down with disappointment.

As I began drinking my coffee, all of a sudden, a big hand put a small paper bag in front me. When I opened it, there were three biscuits, exactly the same as what I had bought before.

“That’s for you!” A gentleman smiled at me. He overheard my conversation with the manager and bough the biscuits for me. “Enjoy with the coffee.” He smiled again and walked out quickly.

Those three biscuits were more precious than gold. They were gifts from god. No matter how much money that gentleman had in his wallet, he is a wealthy man, because he knows how to share and how to give. People who never stop thinking about how to get more from others, no matter how many millions they have in the bank, are poor.

Only people who are poor inside would count the things they own, one by one. What is countable is a result of possession, not having. These possessions may disappear within seconds, when there is a change of regime, natural disaster, or stock market crush.

A true wealthy man would not mind temporary gain and loss. A true wealthy man withstands ups and downs in the material world. A true wealthy man belongs to his heart.

p.s. Yaya’s Coffee Time

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