Beet Sus



Steamed beet has color and texture similar to those of tuna sashimi. We can use it to make vegan tuna nigiri sushi.

Cooked Rice

1 small beetroot

1-2 tablespoon chopped onion

1-2 tablespoon chopped cabbage


Soy sauce

Peel then cut beetroot into small rectangular blocks, steamed for about 10 minutes until soft.

Squeeze the cooked rice into 1-inch thick blocks, about the same length as the beet.

Place cabbage and onion at the bottom of a plate. On one corner or end of the dish make room for wasabi and more onion.

Assemble the sushi by placing beet blocks on the rice blocks, Then place the sushi on the plate, on top of the cabbage and onion. Garnish the sushi by putting some minced onion on top of the beet, if you like.

Soy sauce is optional.

2 servings


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